Link Building Guide and Tips for Your Website

Link Building:

When you use external links to improve the visibility of your site and get noticed by popular search engines like Google, it is known as link building. You need to place your link on other popular sites to promote your website.


You want to promote your site. So you approach a digital marketing agency to build links to promote your site. Now, they will help you in placing your links in other sites which are popular. When someone visits the site, they can click on the link to visit your website directly. They will use external links to bring more visitors to your site. With proper link building, your site will be noticed by Google.


Link building is a very important technique to improve the visibility of your site. It is an integral part of SEO. With link building, SEO won’t work for your site.

  • It helps in SEO
  • It is a ranking factor used by Google to rank sites
  • Helps to improve site visibility
  • Helps to increase referral traffic
  • An integral part of digital marketing
  • Helps to develop a connection with other sites

Guide & Tips For Link Building:

Follow our link building guide and tips to improve your website ranking and traffic.


If you are new to website business, you can ask other people for backlinks. If anybody you know already have a website which is related to yours, you can ask them for backlinks. You can ask them to place the link to your website inside their content. It can also be placed in the footer or the sidebar. The other website should be genuine and related to your site.

Build a relationship:

If you want to create backlinks with popular sites, you need to build good relations. You can participate in forums and scial groups. Make the first move and approach them to build good relations.


Here you need to say something about the products offered by other sites and create backlinks with them. It is a win-win situation.

Start Blogging:

You can start your own blog and create backlinks. When people read your blogs, they can click on the link to visit your site. Keep your blog active, and keep creating backlinks.

List in directories:

You can also list your website in directories that are trustworthy and related to your site. This way, people can visit your site from there.

Guest post:

You can also search for sites that offer you to post your blogs on their site. You need to choose a genuine website that is related to your business. You need to create quality content and post it on their site. Attach your link to the content.

Competitor’s backlinks:

If you want to compete with your competitors, you need to do better than them. You can check their common backlinks and try to get them too.

Use the competitor’s link:

You can get backlinks from pages that have high authority in your niche market. When you use these sites to place your links, your competitors will indirectly get linked to your site.

Fix broken links:

Sometimes, you may find that some of your backlinks are broken. It would be best if you fixed these links.

Mentions to backlinks:

If somebody mentions your site on their website but forgets to use the link, you can convert it into a backlink. There are tools, and you can use to convert your mentions into links.

Use inferior sites:

You can steal links from other sites. There are many inferior sites that create links on many popular sites. You can use their links and approach popular sites to create a backlink for your site.

This is our Link Building Guide. Follow these tips if you want to take advantage of link building. But link building is not enough to boost sales. You need to go for SEO as well as content marketing to improve the content on your site. You can approach SearchEngineWays to avail of all these services. Along with link building, they provide SEO, content marketing, social media marketing as well as other services.


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