Privacy Policy


Searchengineways safeguards your personal data and this page explains how we shield your personal information. The privacy policy manages your usage of searchengineways products and services that includes the website usage. The privacy policy is valid when you read with terms and conditions. And its changes and updates are subjected to changes and you are requested to read regularly. If you find any difficulties, you should stop using searchengineways products and services. If you use searchengineways intentionally or unintentionally, you will be assumed that you are agreeing to the current privacy policy.

Data collection

Searchengineways collects the personal information and non-personal information which will be termed as PI and non-PI. PI is any information required for searchengineways which helps to know about us. The non-PI information’s are additional data which is required to know about the user.

Required PI data

For users visiting our website to know our products and service, no information is to be shared. However you want to avail our service, products and resources, you have to provide us name, address, and date of birth. Also, we require communication details such as email id, phone number, and website details. If you require any of our paid services, we may collect your credit or debit card details. We store and process your payment through third party payment gateway.

Required non-PI data

Searchengineways website may ask for non-PI data such as IP address, gender, history, location, OS, data usage and transfer, internet service provider. Apart from that, we may post some of our interactions, source provided and other activities in our website to explore the new client.

Utilization of information

We display part of your data to other clients for communication and encourage new clients. We never share or display your data without your consent. When you agree, we may use the data in the following ways,

To provide any services and searchengineways platform usage
To communicate to you through email or by other means of electronic communication
To easy the process of payment
To improve the client communications
To share information with third party to provide additional resource or service. But we ensure the third party utilize your data after getting prior permission from us

Data privacy

Searchengineways collect data for research and quality improvement purpose only. We ensure data is non-traceable by other users.

User data management

We offer you to have an account in searchengineways platform to sign up. You can view, modify and delete your data. For any questions please contact us When you delete the account, we still use your PI and non-PI data as per the searchengineway data retention policy. For completely delete the data, you can mail us with subject mentioning “Request to delete data” to


Searchengineways may request you to enable cookies to use some functions as per the Cookie policy.

Data access to third party

Sometimes we get support from third party organizations or individuals for web hosts, web services and they will be allowed to access your platform.


Marketing information may be sent to subscribers through email. If you want to unsubscribe, mail us to - or click the unsubscribe option.