Search Engine Optimization

Being visible in search engine results makes a huge difference and that’s what SEO is all about!

Bring more visitors to your site

At Search Engine Ways, we can help you bring more visitors to your website thanks to our new, yet proven techniques.

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is changing all the time. Our team is always following and testing new SEO techniques. These techniques can help our clients rank their websites higher in search engine results provided by popular search engines. SEO can be a time-consuming process for ordinary people, but not for us – we know Search Engine Optimization inside and out.

What does our SEO process include?

We have created a 5-step SEO process that vouches for success.

Discover Opportunities

We will analyze your needs, requirements, and goals. At the same time, we will analyze your competition. All these things will help us create a successful SEO campaign.

  • Project brief: determine what you need
  • SEO audit: we will check the current situation with SEO
  • Keyword research: we will find the best keywords
  • Competitive analysis: check what your competitors are doing for SEO success
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Based on our analysis we will be able to create a long-term strategy that will improve your website’s rank in search engine results.

  • Setting stages: this is a long-term process that requires a few stages
  • Determining goals: we will determine your goals
  • Determining methods : we will list the best SEO methods for achieving your goals
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On-site Optimization

The next step in this process is on-site optimization. This means optimizing your website and making it search engine-friendly by tweaking different elements of your website.

  • Analyzing content: checking SEO-compatibility of your pages.
  • Determining keywords: finding the best keywords.
  • Checking mobile-friendliness: making your website mobile-friendly.
  • Other activities:
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Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of the SEO process. With content marketing, you can market your website through relevant, engaging, and unique content.

  • Determining content forms : finding the best forms of content for your audience.
  • Creating quality content : blog posts, articles, guides, etc.
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Analysis and Reporting

In the end, we will spend some time analyzing the results of our search engine optimization activities. Based on these results we will also provide a detailed report that can help you make the right moves in the future.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • SEO audit: Create current baseline for SEO.
  • Competitive analysis: Define SEO competitors.
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What kind of SEO services does Search Engine Ways provide?

We provide literally all relevant SEO services to our clients.

On Page SEO

Find out more about the current SEO condition of your website and make the necessary changes to make your website more visible.

Off Page SEO

Get links from other websites and add authority and relevancy to your site. Backlinking, as part of Off-Page SEO, is one of our specialties.

Local SEO

This is especially useful for those who are focused on the local market. We will make your website more visible to a category of visitors that come from specific areas.

eCommerce SEO

This service is designed for those who have online shops. We will do our best to optimize your online shop. This will make you get more visitors looking for products and/or services provided on your site.

On Page SEO checklist

  • Alt Attribute – we will help you optimize images with alt attributes
  • Branded Keywords – we’ll look for potential keywords that we can link to your brand
  • Canonical URL – we’ll check for duplicate URLs
  • Dead links removal
  • Entry page optimization
  • Feed for all users to get updates if they want to
  • Google-friendly – we’ll do our best to make your website Google-friendly
  • Headings optimization
  • Internal links – we’ll optimize their use between pages on your website
  • JavaScript optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Meta description – we will describe the content of every page properly
  • Navigation optimized for your target audience
  • Optimized organic search results
  • Page rank – we’ll evaluate the importance of each page on your website
  • Quality content that will keep users on your site
  • Redirect on different pages when needed
  • Snippet optimization
  • Term frequency analysis – evaluating keyword relevance
  • Understanding your competition
  • Viral marketing techniques like vlogging and blogging
  • White hat SEO – our On-Page SEO is legit
  • XML implementation
  • YouTube video optimization
  • Zigzagging all the obstacles

Off Page SEO checklist

  • Article submission
  • Backlinking
  • Curated content that can be accepted by other websites
  • Directory submission
  • Exit page – analyzing the pages where your visitors go once they leave your website
  • Forward links – outbound links analysis
  • Guest blogging
  • Helping you get traffic from Q&A sites
  • Indexing your website on special websites
  • Keyword competition analysis
  • Link building – boosting the number and quality of backlinks
  • Metric analysis and improvement
  • Negative SEO damage control
  • Organic search result analysis
  • Page Authority (PA) improvement
  • Quality links building
  • Reciprocal link building
  • Submission of content
  • Trackback system
  • Utilizing the latest off-page SEO techniques
  • Viral content analysis
  • Website analysis
  • Zoning – analyzing backlink traffic by region

Components of Search Engine Optimization

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Page Titles

Writing related and effective pages title.

Meta Description

Effective use of desired keywords.


Heading structure with appropriate keyword selections.


Creating and submitting HTML site map.

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Use of Media into Articles

Search engines detect your article as a quality article. that help your web ranking.

Use Keywords in Article Title

Use main keywords in title so that search engines reads finds them easily.

Use H1 Element, H2 & H3

Size heading elem ents are used to determine important elements of a web page.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is an effective method to increase SEO perform ance.

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PA and DA are high

Determining the quality of a website or blog
on search engines.

Relevant anchor text

Having relevant anchor text will make the domain
authority higher.

Permanent Backlinks

We will create valuable backlinks that will
not be deleted.

Do follow status

A link that tells search engines to follow the
intended page.

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Keyword research

Determining the quality of a website or blog
on search engines.

Sort keywords by low/high competitiveness

Having relevant anchor text will make the domain
authority higher.

Analyze keywords that are used by competitors

We will create valuable backlinks that will
not be deleted.

Choose optimizable keywords

A link that tells search engines to follow the
intended page.

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Total Visit

Total number of organic traffic
will increase.

Visit Duration

Amount of time spent in a web page
will increase.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate will decrease i.e., people will start taking
action in the website.

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Global Ranking

Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other
sites in the world.

Local Ranking

Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites
in the local area.

Category Ranking

Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites
in that category.

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Code Optimization

For optimal performance, we will suggest
minifying the codes.

Image Optimization

Reduce size of the images that will allow the website
to load faster.

Keyword Optimization

Optimize keywords for different
search engines.

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